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Simply Pure brings the gifts of nature to your door-steps.

Simply Pure Shilajit
Make World Healthier

Our primary goal is to eliminate all the misconceptions associated with Shilajit which is mainly the case in Pakistan. Shilajit has gained quick popularity internationally ever since it has been researched and countless benefits have been proven successfully. Worldwide it is used by Men, women and children (3+) for general well-being and numerous other health benefits.


Simply Pure Shilajit will unleash one’s full potential; it will enhance the quality of your life and transform your mind and body into a realm of boundlessness. All of this change sources out of High-Mountain altitudes of Gilgit-Baltistan(14,000 Feet and above), the best rocks are selected, filtered, processed into thick raisin liquid, transported & packed – made perfectly fit for human consumption.

Our Values & Ethics
Exceptional Quality

We take pride in our product, Simply Pure Shilajit is used by all our team members habitually. It’s clean & free from all additives, which is not a common practice in Pakistan as it is a very tricky product and individuals/companies looking to make a quick buck try to cash in with 2nd quality products. These products from such sources might be priced cheaply but the concentration of Shilajit to additives will be very low. Our product(s) are PCSIR certified, rich in natural minerals and completely safe for human consumption.

Sourced Directly

Simply Pure Shilajit does not entertain middle-men, or individuals who promise to deliver quality Shilajit at a low-price, extracting Shilajit stones and deriving an end consumable Shilajit raisin is rigorous and expensive to attain. We understand this and have our employees located in Gilgit-Baltistan mountain ranges to extract premium quality Shilajit to bring only the best to you.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand the importance of happy customers, we value & respect each and every one of you, for trying our product and recommending to family & friends. All of our orders are dispatched with love and extra care, to ensure only the best is delivered to you. If for any reason there is an issue with the product, you can simply claim your money back – We have a 100% money-back guarantee within 7-days of receiving the product.


We are very serious about the quality, right from the extraction process to packaging we ensure in each step our Ingredients are pure and there are no additives present. We do not use middlemen, instead we are engaged with the local extractors directly so we get the best possible quality to provide a pure end product to our customers, which is hygienic, tasty & beneficial to health.



Create awareness & educational campaigns providing such information which is essential in understanding Shilajit on a much deeper level – Where one can experience benefit once the misconceptions are erased.

Work with qualified individuals from the fitness & wellness industry to further generate content which will be helpful for the general public.

Natural Products

We are working on several other natural products which will benefit the consumer without any adverse effects. This is possible as we follow the ‘0% Additives rule’ and we hold the rule dearly to us.


Expand our distribution network to make Simply Pure Shilajit widely & easily available in as many points as possible both in Pakistan & internationally. – Preferably place our warehouses in as many countries & cities as possible to easily deliver to addresses quickly and at a reasonable cost.
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