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We normally dispatch our parcels at 10:00 AM (PKT), you can email us at cs@simplypure.pk, or you can drop a message with the order details to alter the address on our Facebook page,– we will check if it has been dispatched, in case the parcel has not been dispatched, the address will be altered without any additional fees.

-You can also call us at 041-8408041 during our office hours 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

-If the short window of time has passed and the parcel has been dispatched, the customer will have to bare any extra-charges to re-direct the parcel to the correct address

Shipping within Punjab, will take a maximum of 3-working days. Sindh and the rest of Pakistan normally takes about 3-5 working days. Simply Pure Pvt Ltd delivers all parcels using Leopard Courier, which have a customer-friendly portal which provides up-to-date status of the tracking number. You can request for the number by reaching out to our representative.

Tracking link: http://www.leopardscourier.com/pk/

The delivery could be delayed if there are any unexpected events in the country, harsh weather conditions or any other similar reasons. We try to expedite our delivery time by dispatching within 12-hours of receiving an order

Humans are complex beings; our current state of health is determined by our lifestyle, eating habits, exposure to fitness activities and so on. Simply Pure Shilajit Raisin is rich in 70+ Natural minerals, so you are expected to experience benefits relatively quickly – if you have your eating habits & fitness regimes in check. For most people it takes about 5 to 10 days to experience the benefits, we recommend to consume it regularly up to 90-days to see a noticeable difference in your Physical & Mental health.

We have a standard packing of 10-grams jars at the moment. If you buy our bundle deals, you will be sent multiple 10-gram jars.

Recommended dosage is about 0.2g (200mg) to 0.5g (500mg) – a measuring stick is provided to effortlessly measure the correct dose.

10g has 20-25 servings, 500mg is the total serving per day, and this could be broken down into two 0.25g portions. So 10-grams should last a maximum of 25-days. 30g has 60-75 servings & 50g has 100-125 servings

Simply Pure Pvt Ltd is a registered private limited company in Pakistan. Our product has been tested by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) in Mineral Analysis, human consumption and Blab la, it has been found to have over 70+ Mineral some of which are follows:

Human consumption test has deemed Simply Pure Shilajit to be completely safe for human consumption.

There is very small trace amount of phenylalanine, an essential amino acid. All products containing phenylalanine are contraindicated in people who have been diagnosed with the genetic disorder PKU (phenylketonuria).


Shilajit should not be mixed with chlorinated water. Fulvic and humic acids, when combined with chlorine, create dangerous chemical byproducts. Beware of other commercially available shilajit extracts and powders that may have been processed with chlorinated water.


The standard supplement disclaimer applies: If you are pregnant or lactating or under a doctor’s care for any health condition you should consult with your physician before taking this or any other supplement.

The most effective method of Shilajit purification is the traditional one. Raw Shilajit stones are carefully selected from heights of 14,000 + Feet from the Gilgit Baltistan Mountain ranges, for this process we have our team situated in the region.

These stones are then washed thoroughly to eliminate the impurities, followed by the filtration process where insoluble impurities are filtered. This is a rigorous task; this is then followed by heating Shilajit constantly with a ‘Cool-Off’ period and restarting. The end result is a thick-raisin like paste which is 100% pure Shilajit. Point to be noted is, the purer the Shilajit is the thicker it is likely to be – Which is exactly the case with Simply Pure Shilajit.

This is the most natural purification process, which brings out the most bioactive components of Shilajit; it will be rich in Minerals and will have a quick effect on the consumer with a normal dosage of 200mg to 500mg.

What generally happens is, most Individuals and companies tend to add additives like Sugar, honey, butter, charcoal, coal and other additives which tend to increase their profits, but what you may be consuming might not even be Shilajit or a very low concentration Shilajit. In simple terms, you will be consuming Butter and a pinch of Shilajit.

With the addition of additives, Shilajit dries up quick, smell & taste is changed but nothing to worry about as you can easily find out if your Shilajit is pure or not. There are plenty of Purity tests which you can perform by yourself on your Shilajit to identify its authenticity.

Please click here to find out more about Purity.

To keep Shilajit in its purest form, we do buy from local vendors or individuals as 98% of the times the Shilajit provided are mixed with additives.

Simply Pure Shilajit will be 100% Pure; it will have a beautiful clean texture, with a strong smell and earthy taste. There will not be slightest of sweetness in the taste; sweetness is usually the indicator of added Sugar or honey.

Organic matter and plants deposits are found in the mountains, specifically in the cracks, once these deposits are exposed to harsh and extreme weather conditions it starts forming a nutrient-dense mass of minerals, this Is Shilajit. Passage of time and altitude also plays an important role in determining the quality of Shilajit.

Yes Shilajit is a natural mineral made from natural plant build-up in the Mountains over the passage of time.

We’ve been certified by Renaissance Halal Certification(PS 4992:2010 and the Accreditation Conditions and Requirements for HCBs)

This body has an International present in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Turkey and the United States of America.

We ensure our parcel is properly packaged, for Simply Pure Shilajit, it will be in a box, which contains Measuring stick, leaflet containing relevant information. The box & Shilajit jar will be sealed with our Company’s sticker, if the seal is tempered with, or not present, please do not use the product and instantly send us a complaint through:

cs@simplypure.pk or drop us a message on Facebook and we will look into the issue.

We use a trusted forwarding company and they are given the parcels after sealing the product and the flyers, therefore, there is less to no chances of foul play during delivery.

Simply Pure Shilajit has been tested both by modern means and by conventional means. For the modern means, please visit our Lab reports section by clicking here.

For the conventional method please view this purity test video performed on our Shilajit.

According to the conventional methods:

-Water Test – Pure Shilajit is supposed to dissolve completely in Water or milk creating a golden, orange or red liquid (This may vary according to the origin of Shilajit).

-Flame Test – Shilajit which is pure will never burn, it will neither light. Shilajit, once exposed to heat will form a bubble & expand, will also produce an ash but it will not burn.

-Pliability/Flexibility/Stickiness – Pure fresh Shilajit will be a very thick liquid and once exposed to air it starts to take the form of a Raisin and progresses to drying up. But it’s never 100% dried down like a rock unless natural room temperature is tempered with or in winters. It will be sticky and once you get it on your hands it will require a water rinse to get it off completely. Also, if you refrigerate pure shilajit, it will become solid and will shatter like glass if it’s struck with a solid object.

-Texture, Smell & Taste – The resin should be quite thick and sticky, with a slightly glossy shine. The texture should be smooth, pure Shilajit does not contain any grains or layers of additives which is generally the case with Shilajit mixed with additives. Pure shilajit has an earthy and distinctive smell: powerful and almost tar-like, but with more “herbal” odor.

-Additives – Shilajit is very rare and is extracted from the Mountain ranges of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Russia a few more areas. Beneficial shilajit is usually collected from heights of 14,000+ Feet above sea level. This makes pure & golden grade Shilajit expensive. But local suppliers usually in search of higher profits add additives which range from Honey, Sugar, Butter, Desi-Ghee, coal, charcoal, fertilizers or they add other cheaper herbs to increase the quantity.

These additives can easily be spotted, as mostly it forms a layer, shows as grains and the texture is not smooth. Furthermore, the smell will be very different or it’s slippery.

Overall, Shilajit is a very tricky market, always purchase from a Registered Company who also has their product tested by PCSIR, furthermore, you can perform these tests shown in the video. Additive-Free Shilajit will show results in 5 to 10-days and you will require a maximum dosage of 0.5g (500mg) unlike fake Shilajit

Simply Pure Shilajit is delivered at a standard rate of 200 PKR throughout Pakistan for our Starter Pack of 10-Grams. For orders of 30-Grams or above, you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING!

We normally deliver across Pakistan with Leopard Courier or Daewoo Fastex, you can also SELF-COLLECT from your nearest courier office after placing your order. Once the parcel is in your area, you will receive a call from the courier office with information such as suitable collection timing & service center’s exact location.

Pure and additive-free Shilajit is rare, we have a discount policy of 10% discount on 30-Grams (3-Packs) and 15% discount on 50-Grams (5-Packs).


10-g à 1,000 PKR & 200 PKR Delivery Charges à Total: 1,200 PKR

30-g à 2,700 PKR & Free Delivery

50-g à 4,250 PKR & Free Delivery

You can watch the video animation below for a step-by-step guide to ordering through our website. It’s a simple process; you do not even need to have an account and simply checkout as a GUEST.

Click here to Order

Shilajit is a natural mineral which has been in the Mountains from years & decades due to vegetation build-up, it has survived harsh weather conditions and end result is a Mineral rich Shilajit.

Simply Pure Shilajit can be stored at Room temperature for years; its potency is retained for a long period of time. It’s a robust and an ancient natural substance which can be used for long-term supplementation.

The potency and purity of Shilajit is dependent first and foremost on the quality of the Shilajit stone used, this Shilajit stone will be of a very high quality if it’s derived from altitudes of over 14,000 Feet. The finest Shilajit will always come from a high altitude level; there are many 2nd quality products in the market which come from lower altitudes.

Secondly, it’s important the purification & filtration is performed with skill, experience, honesty and patience. Once this is done, there should be no additives added.

Simply Pure Shilajit is of the finest quality because we select the prime stones from 14,000+ feet, we filter & purify with integrity and the employees responsible are highly skilled – true masters of this art.

Furthermore, our Simply Pure Shilajit is pure from all additives. So rest assured, you will get the best Shilajit.

International orders are dispatched with leopards Courier for Express services which will take anywhere from 10 to 14 working days. For regular service, we send with Pakistan Post Office (GPO) which takes anywhere from 20 to 30 days.

The customer will have to bear the International shipping fees which will be anywhere from 400 PKR to 3000 PKR depending on the location and service used, the Shipping and product price will be paid in advance and there are no cash on delivery services available internationally.

Shilajit falls under the Food & herbal category; therefore, you’d need an export license to send this product abroad. We have all the documentation cleared and will assist in sending this Mineral pinch to your loved ones.

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