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Shilajit Resin – Premium Gold Grade – 30g

Original price was: ₨3,600.Current price is: ₨2,850.

Sku: SHI-PRE-30G

Simply Pure Shilajit is Tested for Heavy Metals, we have a strict purification system 💧 which ensures all heavy metals are eliminated.

Our Shilajit is sun-dried ☀️ | We avoid the use of artificial heating 🔥🚫 which means Nutrients are preserved in the Shilajit resulting in better results. 💪🏻

IMPORTANT: In recent times due to accelerated demand of Shilajit, many companies have started the distribution of Additive mixed Shilajit. This means what you are buying will have a very low percentage of Shilajit, this is usually true for Shilajit in Solid Form, Powdered Form or Pills as it’s easy to conceal the fact you are buying a second quality product. 

But you do not have to worry! ☺️
We have a video which helps you identify 100% Pure Shilajit, buy only the best from direct source.

-Performance & Recovery (Muscle Growth is faster)
-Improved ‘Men’s Health’ (High-Libido & Sperm-Count)
-Stamina (25% Higher testosterone levels naturally)
-Fat-loss with Shilajit TONIC (Lean Body)
-Helps against Body pains (Relieves Jointpains too)
-Anti-Aging (Skin, Hair & Nails)
-Sleep Issues
-Fights Depression
-Controls Blood Sugar Levels
-Aids in Heart health & Blood Circulation
-Stronger Immune system

To learn more, please watch a short video below ⏬⏬


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