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Panjiri – Natural High-Energy Snack – 1000g

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——–Benefits of Simply Pure Panjiri——–

Panjiri is an excellent source of energy thanks to its large health benefits of carbohydrates reserve it has at 46% of the daily value.

Postnatal depression is depression that happens after labour. The nutrients inside panjiri help to fight postnatal depression
and its associated side effects, such as backaches.

With its hard-ish texture and the abundance of natural ingredients, panjiri is also an option for healthy snacking. Indeed,
it could also be made into energy bars when the mixture is left to dry for some time.

Panjiri also increases body immunity by making us resistant against diseases caused by cold weather, such as cold and symptoms of flu.

Panjiri promotes and stimulates the flow of mother’s milk, which also happens to be its primary health benefit. They provide energy and nutrients for the mothers to
milk-feed the baby and for the baby to obtain nutrients from.

Panjiri generates heat from inside the body, which is used by the body for healing from the inside. This has made it surely beneficial for mothers who has just given birth.

Panjiri also restores the uterus by getting back to normal shape after delivery and also removing excessive fluid inside the uterus.

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